Montpelier Church

Historic Montpelier Methodist Church

The settlement of Montpelier existed in north Baldwin County as early as 1813. Andrew Jackson’s troops encamped in this area along the Old Federal Road during the Creek indian War and the War of 1812. By 1889, Jeptha and Uriah Blacksher, extensive landowners from Monroe County, set up a sawmill and established a post office. The community became known as Blacksher.

The Montpelier Methodist Church was built around 1895. The builder of the church is unknown, but the church is a stunning example of 19th century period architecture and still includes its original pews, pulpit, chandeliers and stained-glass windows. In the early days, a minister from the Stockton Methodist Church would come by a horseback every other Sunday to conduct services. This tradition of every other Sunday services continued for many years.

Services continued until the early 1970’s. In July of 2013, the church was relocated from its original site on Highway 59 in Blacksher to its present location at Bicentennial Park.