Fort Mims Overview

Fort Mims

1813 Fort Mims Rd, Stockton, AL

Welcome to Fort Mims, the site of a historic battle between the Red Sticks, a faction of the Creek Indians, and American forces and their Creek Indian allies on August 30, 1813. Explore the grounds, which include a log stockade, a replica of an 1800s blockhouse, and a split rail fence and look back in time. Inside the fort is a cemetery where the family of Samuel Mims is buried.

Back then, Samuel Mims owned this property and had built a prosperous plantation. When a civil war broke out among the Creek Indians, a fort just a little over an acre in size was quickly erected. Unfortunately, many of the fort’s defenders died in the battle.

An annual battle reenactment and commemoration are held in August, so come on back. Visit for more information. Fort Mims is open daylight to dusk.