Confederate Rest Cemetery

Confederate Rest Cemetery

5897 Pine Grove Dr.  Point Clear, Alabama 


The Confederate Rest Cemetery, located inside the Point Clear Cemetery, is the final resting place of more than 300 confederate soldiers who died during the Civil War.  

A nearby hotel, known today as the Grand Hotel, was used as a Confederate hospital during the war.  It was briefly known as the “Quarles Hospital,” named for Brig. Gen. William Andrew Quarles.  The hospital received many wounded and sick from the Siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1863. Those who died in the hospital are buried here. 

While records of the deceased soldiers were kept, a fire at the hotel in 1869, destroyed all traces of who was buried at Confederate Rest.   

The cemetery was owned by the American Legion Post #199 in Fairhope until 2007.  Under their stewardship, efforts were made to identify some of the graves.  In 1999, a ground scan radar survey was conducted of Confederate Rest to locate unmarked graves. During their search, three previously unknown parallel burial trenches -  two of them measuring 6 feet by 50 feet and one measuring 12 feet by 50 feet -were discovered.  These burial trenches are believed to hold 138 to 263 Confederate soldiers.  In addition, forty-six soldiers have been identified through arduous research and appropriate markers have been placed and dedicated.  

Confederate Rest, its total restoration and identifying all veterans who are buried there, were the projects of the Admiral Buchanan Camp and the Ft. Blakeley Camp 1864.  They added decorative cannons, including an 1864 cannon, placed headstones, and replaced the chain around the perimeter of the grounds.   

Today the Confederate Rest Cemetery is owned and maintained by the Point Clear Cemetery Association.  The north side of the cemetery is bordered by the Lakewood Golf Course, owned by the Grand Hotel.  

Parking is available around the perimeter adjacent to the rail fence.