Montgomery Hill Baptist Church

13884 Danny Hall Rd, Stockton, AL

Montgomery Hill Baptist Church is the oldest, active church in Baldwin County and is located in the Tensaw community near Fort Mims and Boatyard Lake.

Construction began on Montgomery Hill Baptist Church in 1853. It was completed in 1854, at a cost of $1,400. The building was constructed in the Greek Revival Style with wooden pegs. Square nails were later added for strength.

That first year there were 12 baptisms, three dismissals and two exclusions – if you are Baptist you understand the last two categories! The original congregation comprised 80 whites and 22 slaves. The slaves viewed the services from the upstairs slave gallery.

In 1972, the congregation of Montgomery Hill Baptist Church decided to preserve and restore the old structure. They replaced the foundation, removing the picket underpin look and giving a brick foundation edging. In 2010, additional renovations were made to include a wheelchair ramp and brick stairs.

During the restoration, many interesting artifacts were discovered. Among them, the original key to the massive front door, which is now kept in a special case in the building. Minutes from church meetings as far back as 1853 are also available for inspection at the church building, with permission.

The two sets of shutters presently on front of the building are original. The pews inside are the original single pine board seats.